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So Somebody commented to make a Video Game similar to the Video I made where Stickman fights with a Developer ,
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So I made a game sort of based on that Idea and Oh man! I thought it would be quick sweep but no it was a heavy grind. Almost took a month to Develop but I am happy with how it came out and I hope you would like the game. Play the game and Let me know in the comments how was it.

Stick.EXE is a game where you are operating windows just as normally you would do but suddenly the windows starts to act wierdly. It’s like it’s trying to contact with you and could I say may be manipulating you. So you play as an Average Windows User who tries to unravel the mystery behind the wierd behaviour and Maybe at some point you found yourself in a conflict with a stick figurine. Now it’s upto you how you save your PC from the conflict and what you do of the stickman. So Use your Big Brain to complete the game as fast as possible and yes always enjoy the gaming journey.

MUSIC USED (In Sequential Order) –
➤Arp Ascent – DivKid
➤ Badlands – ELPHNT
➤ Cover – Patrick Patrikios
➤ Overdrive – Corbyn Kites
➤ Heaven and Hell – Jeremy Blake
➤ No.9_Esther’s Waltz – Esther Abrami
➤ Juno In The Space Maze – Loopop
➤ Beatles Unite – Rachel K Collier

00:00 How I thought of making this Game
00:30 Game Preview Opening
00:49 Disclaimer
01:00 The Basic Idea
01:21 Planning and Preperation
02:13 Creating Windows UI
02:50 UI Animation,Tweening and Events Trigger
04:09 Custom Softwares/Apps
04:25 Realization
04:51 Completing rest UI stuff
05:12 Moving on..
05:17 Muzik!
05:39 Stickman
05:57 Conclusion
06:23 The End!

Hey! I am AeroBlizz, I am an Indie Game Developer and also like to do Animations, Music Producing, Editing Coding and Art. I am currently working on two Major Projects, one of them is an Endless Runner and one is 2d Pixel Survival RPG(Yeah All of them, Imagine it as minecraft but topdown 2d), I try to upload as soon as I finish the Video 😅, as Currently I am a Student in University, So kind of short of time. And I hope you will like the Content I make.



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