Open up the Stickman world. Lots of bows and arrows. Multiplayer battles.

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Stickman Archer is an action PvP battle game where you can fight with other stickmen and prove you’re the best. Enter a world of stickman and discover all the easter eggs. Use different bows and arrows, improve your skills and win every duel. Become the champion and prove that you’re the great archer.
Improve your bow, arrows, quiver, and shield. Unlock new bonus arrows along with new skills and effects. Customize your stickman character with multiple hats, masks, hairstyles, beards and animations to create a unique appearance. Unlock new stickers for the stickman’s flag. Create your bowman and show them how it should be.

Key features:
➽ Amazing graphics;
➽ Lots of unique maps;
➽ Easy to handle;
➽ Online battles;
➽ Great animation and realistic actions;
➽ Level up and equip yourself with different bows and arrows for better results;
➽ Customize your stickman.

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