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👉 Episode Description :
In today’s episode of Stickman Archer online, we will finally take a look and test our new arrow for level 18, which is Spear arrow. I don’t really think he’s that good. In short, it’s an arrow that goes through the stage and deals damage -1 to the shield and then directly to the lives of Stickman, so it’s definitely nice to finish the enemy, but overall, it’s probably better Laser arrow that gives damage to the shield and the character. But if you manage a headshot So Spear arrow is nice for clean work and I will definitely keep it in my choice because it is definitely better than Cactus arrow.

🎮 Short Game Description :
Prepare a bow, prepare an arrow and go to fight Stickman. In Stickman Archer Online 🏹 You have to defeat the real online enemies using your bow. Because there is a dangerous gap between you. but the enemy stickman is not the only one you will fight against, but also with wind or obstacles. But in order not to make it so hard, a lot of bow improvements and bites of arrow types are waiting for you. Are you ready for an online multiplayer fight?

Stickman Archer online Gameplay Walkthrough
Stickman Archer online Testing new spear arrow
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⏭ Chapters :
00:00 Great Opening and spear arrow upgrade
01:40 First Fight
04:41 Second Fight
08:41 Third Fight
11:01 Fourth Fight
13:14 Fifth Fight
16:36 Sixth Fight

Official google play Description for Stickman Archer online :
Stickman Archer is an action PvP battle game where you can fight with other stickmen and prove you’re the best. Enter a world of stickman and discover all the easter eggs. Use different bows and arrows, improve your skills and win every duel. Become the champion and prove that you’re the great archer.
Improve your bow, arrows, quiver, and shield. Unlock new bonus arrows along with new skills and effects. Customize your stickman character with multiple hats, masks, hairstyles, beards and animations to create a unique appearance. Unlock new stickers for the stickman’s flag. Create your bowman and show them how it should be.

Key features:
➽ Amazing graphics;
➽ Lots of unique maps;
➽ Easy to handle;
➽ Online battles;
➽ Great animation and realistic actions;
➽ Level up and equip yourself with different bows and arrows for better results;
➽ Customize your stickman.

📱 Device : Iphone 11

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