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Escaping the Prison Henry Stickman Gameplay and funny animated stickman video clips just like stickman short film

Henry Stickman Gameplay and Henry Stickman is in Jail

Henry Stickman Games:
– Henry Stickman Escaping the Prison,
– Henry Stickman Steal the Diamond
– Henry Stickman Fleeing the Complex
– Henry Stickman Infiltrating the Airship
– Henry Stickman Breaking the Bank

Stickman Story:
In the Game Henry Stickman was caught by police and he was put in to prison. Every day policeman makes fun of him. One day Stickman receive a package from his friend luckily that package was no checked by police due to laziness.

In that package there some weapons, instrument and Tools that helped Stickman to escape from prison

There are 3 ways to escape from prison
1. By using drilling mechine
2. Using Cell Phone – contacts the lawyer
3. Using file tool

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